About the BSSM

The British Society for Sexual Medicine (BSSM) was founded in 1997 (as the British Society for Sexual and Impotence Research, or BSSIR) to promote research and exchange of knowledge across the UK scientific community.

We focus on the basic science of sexual function and dysfunction, and the clinical aspects of diagnosis and treatment of sexual problems in men and women.

We recognise the importance of a holistic approach to understanding human sexuality and its problems, and we encourage research into all of its many aspects. We aim to foster and maintain the highest standards in clinical practice among our members, and promote the adoption of similar standards across all UK health professionals.


Committee members 2018/2019

Dr John Dean


Mr Asif Muneer

Past President

Dr Kam Mann


Dr Shalini Andrews


Dr Jonny Coxon

President Elect

Dr Janine David

Dr Philip Kell

Dr Anand Patel

Prof Wallace Dinsmore

Prof Mike Kirby

Dr David Edwards

Remziye Kunelaki

Dr Geoff Hackett

Mr Marc Lucky

Trudy Hannington


Prof Mike Kirby


Asif Muneer


Sally Hackett


David Edwards

Past President

Geoff Hackett

Mike Kirby


Simon Rodney

Website Designer

Angela Gregory


Shalini Andrews

Nigel Borley

Jonny Coxon

Remziye Kunelaki

Nick Ossei Gerning

Eli Joubert

Pat Wright

Ian Russell

John Dean