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BSSM Council Members

BSSM Council Members

BSSM Council Members 2009


David Edwards
      - Primary Care and Sexual Medicine


Geoff Hackett
      - Andrology and Sexual Medicine


Emma Waring
      - Cardiac Sexual Dysfunction

Past President

Wallace Dinsmore
      - Genitourinary Medicine


Susan Pacey
      - Psychosexual Psychotherapy


David Ralph
      - Urology
Mike Kirby
      - GP Sexual Medicine
Ruth Hallam-Jones
      - Sexual and Relationship Therapy
Guilio Garaffa
      - Urology
Emma McCarty
      - Genitourinary Medicine
Phil Kell
      - Genitourinary Medicine

Co-opted Members

John Dean
      - Sexual Physician
Arabinda Kundu
      - Sexual Health
Uday Joshi
      - Genitourinary Medicine
Tim Terry
      - Urology

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